"They'll never catch me... because I'm innocent." (fiveminutebreak) wrote in found_signs,
"They'll never catch me... because I'm innocent."

Found message... on signs...

Somebody posted this message

on two signs in my neighborhood.


- People -
This week 'my partner'
told me he has had an
STD for years. He told
me his STD test was clean
before the time we first
made love. He knowingly
lied to me. He is part of
this little community. You
know him probably. Please,
be careful now. If we
don't protect each other, we
can't protect ourself. Peace.

Ahimsa              Asteya

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I think the handwriting is gorgeous.

Interesting find.
I wonder which STD and if this person caught it. That's a really horrible thing to do to someone.