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Found Signs

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Welcome to found_signs. This community is for, well, signs that you find. They can be funny, artistic, whatever. There are some rules though!

- Nothing from the internet please. There are many many funny signs that one could find through such things as Google, but we prefer photographs that you've taken yourself.

- Text-only posts are allowed, but images are preferred.

- Please use an LJ-cut for images larger than 500 pixels, and for non-work-safe pictures. I know, it's not THAT hard to use side scrollbars, but it sure is annoying. LJ-cut is easy. Copy and paste this code into your entry, and edit it as you see fit:

-Good posts include road signs, billboards, names of stores/restaurants, liscense plates, and anything that seems to fit the category of a sign.

- No insulting, harassing, or rudeness towards other members is tolerated. This will result in a warning and possible banning. We're not too strict, but please, keep things friendly.

Your mod: lunatwilight. Email or leave a comment in my journal for questions.
And your assitant mod: quicktinder. Rawr.